There’s no favicon, that bothers me.

I was thinking about reusing the old logo, but for some reason it does not appeal to me that much anymore.

So I was thinking I might design a new one. In the includes for the jekyll standard installation there’s an embedded github logo (the one in the footer) which is a plain svg image and I very much like the idea of using a plain svg image as logo, because it is so easy to embed and does not take up any space.

As a result I spent this afternoon tinkering with svg and came up with something which I like for the moment.

A lambda logo

What I like is that it is very simple but also a little bit clever, because the lambda hidden within it is not all that visible.

Or perhaps without the line at the bottom?

Another lambda logo

Or perhaps another color?

Different color

Or perhaps even filled?

A filled logo

I actually quite like this one. It’s the filled version but with an added gradient on top.

Apparently at least Safari cannot display the following image. That’s the beautiful thing about SVG though it may be able to describe pictures in a human readable form each implementation is different and, most of the time, incomplete. Chrome should display it correctly though and Firefox probably as well.

Logo with gradient

Edit: of course it turns out I was drawing the logo the wrong way around all this time. Well, I fixed it for the last one, will fix it for whichever one I decide to roll with as well.