So, as far as I can see the site should now be pretty much up to where it used to be. I added an Imprint and a Disclaimer because apparently that is absolutely necessary here in Germany if one does anything vaguely journalistic and publishes content to a potentially wider audience.

I think it is a bit ridiculous that I’d have to publish my public home address on the internet just because I want to entertain a small blog and website.

But it is there now. Placed it I underneath the footer, looking good. Gave me good opportunity to get the license page off the header. It was a bit too prominent, but still keep it around somewhere. I did’t want to come off as if I’d be trying to boast with the fact that this content is CC licensed but I do feel good about it and I want to give people the opportunity to discover it and potentially use the content (as soon as there is any). After all the idea is that (soon) I’ll actually start talking about interesting technologies again here and perhaps someday someone might find something useful on these pages and want’s to pass it on. I’d like to give those future people the chance to do so.